The expert team of the Baltic Sea Forum

Dr. J├╝rgen Lingnau

Member of the board of Rotary Youth Service Germany (treasurer), many years of experience with all formats of youth exchange.
Member of the Country Committee Germany-Poland and Germany-Estonia.

Asmus Link

Founding Chairman of the Country Committee Germany-Finland (2016-2019), Honorary Federal Chairman of the German-Finnish Society e.V., extensive relations with Finland.

Prof. Dr. med. Axel Richter

Surgeon, medical director, hospital management, development of medical infrastructure in St. Petersburg region, member of CC Russia, extensive connections to Russia and former Soviet republics.

Alicja Sillmann

Polish author living in Sweden for many years with extensive knowledge of the country, people, society and Rotarian work in Sweden, today educational work and publications in Poland for schools and adults, current Rotarian contacts in southern Sweden, member of CC Poland.

Michael Wagner

Vocational school teacher with intensive exchange experience in the framework of ERASMUS, especially to Estonia, member of CC Estonia.

Olaf Iversen

Comprehensive experience abroad as an embassy representative and general consul, member of the RC Copenhagen International and in the RC Kalkutta, in particular brings his knowledge of Denmark and Finland to the Baltic Sea forum.

Dr. Birgit Wetzel

Internationally active journalist, head of the Rotarian Caucasus Forum, Multidistrict Coordinator Germany, East & Southeast Europe and Rotary Youth Exchange. Member of the CC Germany-Russia and CC Germany-Israel.

Country Committees and Contact Points

Peter Giese

Chair of the Germany-Estonia Country Committee.

Cilla Maria Anttila

Chair of the Germany-Finland Country Committee.

Henning Kramer

Chair of the Germany-Latvia Country Committee.

Michael Kunat

Chair of the Germany-Poland Country Committee.

Gorm Casper und Dr. Ulrich Kumme

Heads of the Contact Point Denmark.

Norbert Meik

Head of the Contact Point Norway/Sweden.

Erich Prezewowsky

Chair of the Germany-Lithuania Country Committee.

Chair of the Baltic Sea Forum

Dr. Birgit Osterwald

Chair of the Baltic Sea Forum. ADG D1900. Member of the Country Committee Germany-Poland and Germany-Estonia.

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