Brief presentation of the Baltic Sea Forum

Foundation of the Baltic Sea Forum in August 2021, Leading District D 1900

Discussion platform for geographically neighboring Intercountry Committees and Contact Points of the Baltic Sea countries with the involvement of experts

Members :

  • Chairpersons of the Intercountry Committees Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland,
  • Heads of the Contact Point Denmark, Norway/Sweden,
  • Experts (currently 9) from all socially relevant areas,
  • Chairwoman: PP Birgit Osterwald, RC Gütersloh-Verl, D 1900

Working method :

  • Three annual meetings in plenary as face-to-face and/or zoom meetings,
  • Thematic and project-related meetings in working groups,
  • Documentation of work results and state of affairs through minutes and newsletters,
  • Changing venues with country-specific events of the member states.


  • Key objective : Vitalization of cross-border and interactive Rotarian dialogue as well as initiation and support of joint, high-impact projects and encounters
  • Communicative goals : Intensification of communication between the ICC sections, transfer of information from the forum work to the districts and clubs, maintenance of a website
  • Structural goals : Further development of the CPs into ICCs , Perspective: Integration of the Russian Federation into the community of the  Baltic Sea Forum with Kaliningrad/Königsberg Oblast and the St. Petersburg region
  • Content-related and thematic objectives: Promotion of club partnerships, active assistance in Ukraine and for Ukrainians who have fled to neighbouring countries, Support for projects for refugees from Belarus, focus on the culture of exchange with young people. 


  • Establishment of the newly founded Estonian Intercountry Committee (ICC EST-GER)
  • Meeting of the members in Tallinn from 18 – 21 May 2023
  • Preparation of a Vocational Exchange and NGSE with students from Tartu
  • International Youth Sailing Camp in Masuria from 4 – 12 August 2023
  • Participation in the German-Polish District Conference in Szczecin on 13th/14th May 2023
  • Support of Belarusian refugee children through the “Schoolbag Project” in Poland and the children’s home in Lithuania
  • Participation in the Lithuanian “Rotariade” as a meeting of interested Rotarians from the Baltic Sea countries for sports competitions and current topics on 8th/9th September
  • Preparation of an intercultural youth project in spring 2024 “Europe and its democratic values in times of crisis”
  • Further development of the Contact Point Denmark into a Country Committee
  • Continuous aid transports to Ukraine from the member countries of the Baltic Sea Forum, various support projects for Ukrainian refugees as well as cooperation in the Task Force Ukraine of the German Council of Governors



The Baltic Sea Forum offers all interested Rotarians – whether as individuals or as a club – comprehensive exchange of discussions and up-to-date information about the Baltic Sea countries, supports initiatives of transnational meetings and projects in various Rotarian formats to promote international understanding, friendship and peace. 

The merger into a forum working synergistically and dialogically increases the effectiveness of the Rotarian community of values – especially in times of increasing conflict – in its responsibility for humanitarian assistance, solidarity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. 

Participating Countries

PP Birgit Osterwald
Chair Baltic Sea Forum
RC Gütersloh-Verl, D1900

Presentation of the Baltic Sea Forum

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